How to Propagate Cactus and Succulent Cuttings

Succulents are easy to propagate. The steps for different types are usually similar. Cut, callous and plant. New roots will grow soon!!

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Clip a piece of succulent and strip the leaves from the bottom two inches the stem.

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Wait a few days for the cuts to callous over.

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Plant in the Cactus Potting Mix and wait. I like to reuse the six packs I get flowers in from the nursery.

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These were started four months ago.

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Lots of roots.

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You can also propagate cacti by cutting off one of the pads.

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Let it dry for a few days to let it callous over. This piece was left out too long and it already started growing roots.

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Plant in the Cactus Potting mix. Firm the surrounding soil so that it will not tip over.

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Water sparingly and place in bright, indirect light until new growth forms. New growth means new roots. 👍

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This was planted less than three months ago. It has already rooted and is growing two huge pads.

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You can do the same with different succulents. If it grows in segments, it is a good idea to cut at the base of the segment.

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Do the same. Let the cut callous over and plant in the Cactus Potting Mix.

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This was planted 10 weeks ago. Yay for new growth!!

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You can also propagate columnar cacti. This is the middle piece of a columnar cactus my friend gave me. Slice with a sharp knife, let callous over and then plant. Just don't forget what side is up.

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This is the top piece of the cactus in my friend's garden. You can see the new growth.

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This is the original cactus that the two pieces was cut from. It's now growing new columns. 👍

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