How to Project Your iPad or iPhone Without an Apple TV

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First off I must tell you this is not FREE. While I am all about free- this $15 App is well worth the money since it works the same as a $99 Apple TV. (This is available for PC or Mac)!

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On your computer go to

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You can "try before you buy" with the free trial. I started with the free trial and bought it the next day!!

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Once it is installed- you will find it in you Application folder.

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When you open the app- nothing pops up. You just see that it is a running application in the top left corner of your screen.

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Watch how I make it work!!!

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For a more professional presentation, view in full screen. Want to record what you're doing?? Reflection does that too!!

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This is the view in Full Screen mode. You can even make your black iPad white or vice versa!

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To get out of Full Screen mode- simply press the Escape key.

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Then to disconnect your device choose Close Connection.


You can connect more than one device at the same time!! But only iPad 2 and up or iPhone 4S.

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I was reflecting my iPad and my iPhone as I was taking a picture for this Snapguide!

13 - $14.99 - to project your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S - it's GOOD!! Hope this was helpful! See ya!!

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