How to Play Major and Minor Guitar Bar Chords

*Note: You only want to play the upper part of a bar chord. *Tip: when switching frets it may sound better to skip one fret but do what you like.

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Bar chords are something that are used more in rock music. They are a little difficult for a beginner to get but they are still fun to play. And you can play them anywhere on the guitar.

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This is a G bar chord, you can tell what chord it is by what your first finger is on.

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Start with placing you finger along the entire fret, all you really have to focus on is the top string but still keep it bared.

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Now take your ring finger and place it two frets down and one string Down.

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To some people it will be easier to use the pinky for the second part, feel free to do that.

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You can also play down one string, this would be a C chord. Here, you could mute the top string by just touching it with the first finger.

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And you can go down again, when I said it can be played anywhere, I literally meant ANYWHERE. Just experiment with it and find what you like.

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This is something I just made up, feel free to play this. Sorry about my mess ups, I was trying to find a good thing to show and my thumb started hurting. You can go any speed you'd like though.

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Minor bar chords are harder and easier in it's own ways. It looks difficult to hold but it's no to bad.

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Like the major, you'll start with baring the fret.

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Now place your ring finger where you would in a major, but don't bar it, then place the pinky underneath it.

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Finally, place your middle finer in between the two parts, on the fourth string down from the top of the bar.

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Again, you can play this anywhere, just mess around with it to find what you like.

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For this I just played the same thing. You can clearly see these are harder XD hopefully you can get this better then I can.


Those are Major and Minor bar chords. It will take time to get used to though, just keep practicing. (☞゚∀゚)☞ You got it! Good luck, remember if you have any questions don't hold back.


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