How to Personalize a Plain Tank/Tshirt

Tips, more so than a "how to", on spicing up a plain tank top!

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What you will need and of course a hot iron

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Close up of the bling letters. I started cutting out letters before taking a photo. Oops!

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Cut out the letters you plan to use. Be sure to cut close to each letter without actually cutting into the letter. This makes it easier to peel off the plastic cover.


Arrange letters onto the clothing. Make sure the spelling is correct! :0). Also have the iron heating up. I put mine on the cotton setting to get very hot.

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Once letters are arranged, carefully place a fabric barrier on top of the piece of clothing. I used a pillow case. Make sure the letters are still in place before ironing.


Iron letters for 30-40 seconds. Turn shirt inside out & iron the under side of the letters for 30-40 seconds. Remember to use your cloth barrier.


Let the shirt cool off for about 5 minutes to let the letters set.

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My final piece! The sparkly letters really pop! Thanks for watching!! =)

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