How to Peel Hardboiled Eggs Perfectly Using Lung Power!

A fun (albeit weird) way to peel a hard boiled egg by blowing the egg out of its shell!

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Hardboil some eggs! Put eggs into cold water and bring to a boil. I let them boil for 6 minutes or so before I pour out the hot water and add cold water to cool the eggs.

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Take an egg once it has cooled...

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and crack the top against a hard surface.

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Flip the egg over and crack the other end (pretty straight forward so far I hope).

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Now! Peel a small circle of shell away from the top (pointy end). This side doesn't have to have that big of a hole. This will be the side you blow into!

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Do the same on the bottom, but make this hole a bit bigger! This is where the egg will fly out of! It you don't catch it I bet it could get some serious distance.

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The egg should look kind of like this now!


Time for the fun part! Take the egg and put the top (small hole) against your mouth. Take a deep breath and, with one hard burst, blow the egg out of its shell! It should pop out into your other hand!

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Here's a super flattering video of me doing it!

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Voila! A perfectly peeled egg!

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Now marvel at your skills and enjoy your egg! :)


You will look very attractive while doing this. Sometimes it might not work and you might even make a weird whistle or elephant noise. Don't squeeze the egg while you are blowing it out ps!


Hard boiled eggs!
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