How to Paint Leopard Print Nails

Very basic guide to leopard print nails. No special tools needed!

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Choose 2 opaque colors that look good together. Black polish for contour works and looks best, but any dark color goes. I used essie beach bum blu & borrowed and blue, black to the future by nicole

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Push a toothpick against a hard surface to make the tip blunt. We will be using this when we need to paint with more detail.

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Paint your nails with two coats of your base color to make it opaque.

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Using your second color, make irregularly shaped blobs across your nail. You can use the brush itself, or dot it on with the toothpick.

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Drip a small puddle of black nail polish onto a piece of paper. Dip the tip of your toothpick in it.

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Using light, tapping/patting motions, paint the border of the blobs using the black polish with the toothpick. Leave some gaps in the contouring!

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Don't worry if your contouring isn't perfect. If anything, you should try to make the contours irregular - thick & thin, with gaps, etc

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This is what a finished nail should look like.

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You can change up this basic look by switching base & blob colors. I alternated base colors on my nails.

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