How to Organize Your Phone

An organized phone is an essential in daily life. I have made a screenshot tutorial of my iPhone so you can see how I personally organized it. To look into photos with more detail, simply tap on it.

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Image for Step 1

This is my lock screen wallpaper. *Remember to tap on each photo to see the full sized photo*

Image for Step 2

This is my home screen. As you can see, most of these apps come with the iPhone. I put them on the first page because they are easier to reach. Wallpaper: HD Wallpapers (in App Store)

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Image for Step 3

I put apps from the same categories in the same folder. In this case, navigation. "Maps" already comes with the phone, but I also downloaded a "Google Maps".

Image for Step 4

I also categorized my utilities into a folder as well. I have contacts, calculator, compass, voice memos, Find iPhone (in App Store), and stocks.

Image for Step 5

This is my second page of my iPhone. As you can see now, I mostly put all my apps into different folders, as I don't like my applications all over the place. I put the apps I use more on the top.

Image for Step 6

These are some of my folders. I decided to merge them all into one single photo.


Thank you all so much for taking the time to watch this guide. I hope that this guide not only helped you organize your phone more efficiently but also gave you some ideas on what apps to download! (:

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