How to Ombré Dye Pants

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Gather your supplies. I wanted to try it out on a lite colored shirt and white pants. The shirt I got for 3 bucks and the pants 10 and the dye I got for 1 buck. So a total of 14 bucks for this project

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I used this brand of dye in dark plum.

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Be sure to read thru the instructions first before anything. The instructions will tell you the total development time also any other hints and recommendations.

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Add dye to the bucket. Then fill the bucket with the proper amount of water according to the directions and mix with your wooden spoon just to make sure all the powder is mixed up.


The directions said that I needed to wet the article before dyeing it so I just got it wet to how high I wanted it to start.

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I started by dunking the articles in to how high I wanted them dyed. And holding there for 2 mins. Then I pulled them out a few inches. Then every 4 or 5 mins I'd pull it out a few more inches.


I actually pulled them out slowly at the end of every song. This just was easier then using a timer. Tehehehe. Also make sure you switch holding arm too. Your arms get tired pretty fast.

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Then when the dye bath is done wearing gloves rinse them out in cold until the waters clear. Then hang to dry.

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Then wear. I love how they look.

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My dogs everywhere I am.

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He's kinda photo lover.

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Love the fade. ( the floors getting reno'd by the door yay!!!)

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The red dots where cuz I didn't let all the color dissolve first. (I was too excited) Hope you enjoy.

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