How to Not Wash Your Hair Everyday

YES washing your hair everyday is bad! I've always had problems with oily hair so i've washed my hair everyday, well now it's all over. Keep reading and find out how i don't wash for 3 days!

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Supplies. That spray is amazing and smells great, I highly recommend it over anything else. And I use baking flour because baby powder leaves white residue and dry shampoo makes my hair more oily!

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I washed my hair the night before this. My hair was teased, curled, and had a lot of hair spray in it today. &I use a pick or a wide tooth comb and get all the nots out.

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Pat the flour ( or any powder you're using) with your finger tips. I find flour better also because it doesn't leave that white residue on my roots like baby powder.

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Should look like this, now rub your hands together so all finger tips have some on them.

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Pat on your roots where it gets the most oily. Mine is right above my ears & under my bangs. P.S I've done a lot of research and i'm in hair school. This is the best method i've come across. (:

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Pick or comb it through, so there is no white residue.

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Spray the ends of your hair until you feel the mist on them, do not saturate because it can cause oily hair. This is why i also like the lightweight spray.

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Comb in the mist.

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And you're finished! Fresh and perfect hair for whatever tomorrow brings! I have recently gone three days doing this and not washed or gotten my hair wet; YES I HAVE SHOWERED! I just cover up my hair.


I use a towel to wrap my hair up in the shower or a bandana. & This trains your hair to be less oily without washing it, which helps repair your hair and make it more thick.


I do this every night I don't wash my hair after I take my shower and before I go to bed. I find that my hair is more oily on the side I sleep on so it's okay to do a touch up in the morning (:


I wash my hair on day 4 because the flour can make my hair look more dull but it still looks clean (: P.S washing your hair everyday also causes it to be more oily and strips nutrients. No bueno.

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This was my hair on day three! Fully styled and the best part is NO ONE could tell i wasn't washing my hair because it looks so clean! & if you have any questions, please ask(:

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