How to Muddle Properly

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Muddler. You may not recognize the name but you've seen it before. It's what's used to mash up the mint and sugar in a mojito.


The trick is to twist and smash the ingredients so that the flavors blend well. We'll be making a drink called the "Apple Of My Eye", using green apples, sugar, tequila and vodka.

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Muddlers come in all shapes and sizes. Some seem gimmicky but they all have one thing in common ...

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The spikes, large or small, help emulsify your ingredients (in this case apple). Using something gritty, like sugar, helps break it down even further.

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Now it's time to work. Get all your ingredients together. Try not to dip into the tequila or vodka before you start wielding the knife.

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Cut up the green apple into small cubes. One wedge will do. If you have time, remove the skin. I'm just lazy.

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Get a small glass for this. I'm using a rocks glass. Add the sugar. This will help break up the apple, giving the paste a lovely sweet tone. You can add less sugar if you prefer. 1 to 2 teaspoons.

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Now it's time. You need to push the muddler into the glass, ending in a twisting motion. Then lift the muddler slightly and start again. Aim for the bits that remain solid to help create the paste.

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Add a 1/2 oz of vodka. You can use the Absolut Orient Apple to help compliment the apple paste. Any vodka will do.

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Now add the ounce of tequila. This adds a punch.

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Drop in some crushed ice.

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You can't see it but I'm pouring in the soda. Just a little bit will do.

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Mix it all up and enjoy. The best part is when you get little bits of apple as you take a swig.

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