How to Mount a Blade Onto a Scalpel Handle

Injuries due to scalpel blade misuse are common. Use these instructions to ensure proper safety when mounting a blade onto a scalpel handle.

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This guide will show you how to mount a scalpel blade on your scalpel handle prior to use in the dissection lab.

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Gather your supplies.

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Put on your gloves.

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Open the scalpel blade wrapper. Look for the end with a split in the wrapper to ensure you open the dull end.

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Remove the blade from the wrapper using a pair of hemostats. Never handle the scalpel blade with your fingers!

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Align the edge of the scalpel blade to the edge of the scalpel handle.

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As you slide the blade down, it will fall into the small grooves in the scalpel handle. Keep moving the blade down until it clicks into place.

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To remove the blade, clamp the base with a pair of hemostats. Lift the base of the blade slightly and begin pushing it off the handle. Make sure no one is in front of you as you remove the blade.

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Once removed, discard the used blade in a sharps container.

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