How to Mix Up the GREATEST GUAC

I thank our grown daughter Gretchen & husband Wayde for teaching me to like Guac and then teaching us how to make it! Bring on the chips!

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You can use red chilies if you are braver than we are. When I don't have shallots, I use onion. You can use juice of one lemon, but for me bottled lemon juice is easier and always on hand.


Avocados need to ripen in room temperature. I leave on the counter 1-2 days after purchasing. You test for proper ripeness by squeezing. You can feel your fingers press in slightly.

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My husband is demonstrating the easiest way to open an Avocado.

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Scoop out of skin. If ripe they scoop easily as my husband demonstrates. (I'm fortunate that he makes both good Guac AND good wine!)


Avocados are amazingly healthy.. 18 essential amino acids to form complete protein. Healthy fat, boosts HDL. Excellent source of Carotenoids. Powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

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If properly ripened, outer edges are green. This one was fine... Some are green further in with some yellow. (NOTE: while making this guide, we were making 1/2 recipe which is why you see one)

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Our favorite tool for finely chopping garlic. It works SO well! Your fingers stay odor free. We also use it for onion. On Amazon: Chef'n garlicZoom XL Rolling Garlic Chopper or at kitchen stores.

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Caution: blades are very sharp. Don't use fingers. For us, a plastic orange peeler tool works great, thanks to the idea from our daughter!

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Add olive oil....

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Add Worcester sauce and remaining ingredients.

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A table fork works best to mash Avocado. This one wasn't quite as ripe as most we've used but it turned out just fine!

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Mix well.

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Taste testing is a MUST! It's a good way to see if it needs more salt. Lemon juice helps prevent browning but it's best to mix JUST before serving.

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This garlic chopper is super easy to open, disassemble and clean. It's an excellent tool!

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Delicious!!!!!! Great with a glass of wine, on a porch swing with someone you love! Make the full batch for 4 or more people. It does not keep well so make what you'll use up.

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