How to Meditate for Peace

There are many ways to meditate, this is just one way. It can be done anywhere you are. Of course a place of natural beauty is sweet to softly midwife you into a deeper connectedness. 🀄

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Wear something that would not restrict movement. (you may later want to dance ;) Loose comfortable clothing, or naked...

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Find a place where the sounds, smells, sights, feel and all senses are enhanced. A quiet glowing room, a fresh open mountain top, the salty seashore... Or close the door and imagine yourself there.

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Have a towel, mat or blanket to sit on creating a space within the greater space where you can settle on.

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Ideally find a surface that will support your posture. Sand works great as you can shape it into a "zafu;" a rolled up towel, blanket or pillow will do too. Chairs for those of us in our office.

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Sit with ankles parallel and your hips open. This allows the knees to drop down, aligning your spine for heightened relaxation of nervous system, toning abdominals, and optimum meditation. Sukasana.

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Rest hands palm up or palm down on your knees. This gesture of palm up is a receiving cup or palm down, is of giving and grounding a connection with earth.. More about Mudras (gestures) later...

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Reign in your focus. Rather than fix your eyes on an object or spot, gaze out into a single point on the horizon where all planes converge. In other words, the vanishing point, between your eyebrows.

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Begin to observe the quality of your breath. Then begin breathing rhythmically, measuring a 4-count inhale hold for 4-counts then exhale thru the mouth as if fogging a mirror. Repeat 3xs. Feel present

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Take a moment of gratitude shifting the energy within. There are never enough moments to be thankful; by being grateful more opportunities to be thankful arise. 4-count inhale/exhale now thru nose.

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Focus on the breath. Observe your thoughts as they pass like a mind stream, like waves that come and go. Disconnect one thought from the other. Remain 10 minutes here. Build gradually your practice.

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Let go. Be still. Be Peace. Know that each time you sit in meditation you allow not only a little bit of Peace into your day, you also bring a little more Peace to this planet. Breathe. Breathe.

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Perhaps your limbs have become numb during stillness, this will subside with practice. With a deep inhalation slowly wiggle fingers, toes, move ankles, wrists, hips, shoulders, turn your head softly.

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The slower you come out of your stillness the quicker your nervous system will trust your indications to let go each time with more ease and clarity.

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Get on up and walk gently into your day.

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