How to Make Zombie Cupcakes

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Make cupcake mix following recipe on box. Or use your own recipe!

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Frost cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Any kind will do. I chose Pillsbury whipped supreme.

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Take about 6-7 chocolate cookies (any kind will do). This will coat about 12 cupcakes. Run it through a food chopper/processor. If you don't have one, a rolling pin and freezer plastic bag will work!

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The consistency should look like ground coffee. I probably ran my food chopper for about 45 seconds.

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Take each cupcake and coat with the cookie crushings. This is the "dirt".

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Waalaa! This is what it should look like after you coat the entire cupcake.

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Complete until you have coated all cupcakes.

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Next take Milano cookies (any kind that you prefer) and cut them in half using a sharp knife. I used Double Chocolate for my kind of Milano Cooke.

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Next, take any icing (either store bought like mine I your own mixture through a piping bag) and carefully write "RIP" on each halves.

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This next step, I needed to cut a small slot into the top back of my cupcake to have the Milano cookie stay put. Insert cookie into said slot and push down until cookie seems like it won't move.

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This is what it should look like afterwards.

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Next, find any type of template online for "zombie hands" and print it out. Yes, it will be paper and you will have to warn your guests to not each the hands!

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Fold the bottom portion of the "arm" so that it forms a "V". This makes it much easier to place inside the cupcake.

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This is what it looks like after the entire cupcake is complete. Happy baking!!

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