How to Make Your Own Nail Varnish Colour

A great way to recycle old makeup and achieve something bespoke to match your personal style!

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Making your own nail varnish colour is a great way to recycle unused makeup and create something that is bespoke to you...

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First make a small funnel by rolling your strip of paper like so. Secure it by wetting the loose end or use sticky tape. Tip : eyeshadow can clump, so leave a moderately large hole.

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Next insert the funnel into your chosen clear varnish. Tip : be sure to preference a varnish with ball bearings inside. This will help to remove any clumps from the eyeshadow giving a smooth result.

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With funnel in place, it's time to gently scrape your chosen eyeshadow into the varnish. Scratch SMALL amounts of the powder into the varnish SLOWLY else it will clump inside the funnel making a mess!

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You won't know the intensity of your colour until you have shaken your varnish. Try adding your eyeshadow bit by bit and testing the results. MUMS BEWARE!!! This could get messy!

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Be sure to give your varnish a bloody good shake before trying it on, otherwise it will appear clumpy and look horrid!

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TA DA! I hope you liked this tutorial... One last tip : if you are using old unused varnish, waken it up with a few small drops of remover and a good shake! :)


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