How to Make Your iPhone 4/4s Photos Look Better

How to make your iPhone photos look better using Your in phone Camera settings.

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Step 1. Set up

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The first thing you will need to do is open your camera application and click on the options button.

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You will Have a screen like this with the following options: Grid & HDR.

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Turn both of the settings on. The grid will allow you to use the rule of 3rd's a technique professional photographers have used for many years it basically means you can organize your shots.

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The HDR or High dynamic range setting is used for taking a more detailed photograph with your iPhone. When you have turned on thease two vital options on click Done.

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You now should have a screen that looks like this with a 3x3 grid and at the bottom the words "HDR On"


Step 2. Taking photos

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Most iPhones will use an feature called auto focus. It focuses on what your phone thinks you are trying to photograph and most of the time its right but when its wrong it time to take charge.

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To manually focus the camera all you have to do is tap where you would like to focus it. It makes a big difference. In this example i taped on my paper clip and its now very clear

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This is the part where i will introduce you to the Grid. A 3x3 guide line for your photos. Taking photos in which the subject is in the centre of the grid is know as a portrait.

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A portrait is fine if your taking close ups of family members and friends but if you want dynamic photographs then the best thing to do is put your subject in one of the other sections of the photo.

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Have a look at this basic example what are you drawn to. The centre of course because thats where the main subject is but if you place the subject else where you will be drawn away from the centre.

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our rearranged photo it has already got more appeal. It give you time to explore the images area & draw all attention away from the centre. This simple grid will help your photography greatly improve.

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This simple rule of 3rd's also apply's to landscapes as well. Its just a matter of turning your iPhone horizontally & shooting from there.

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In HDR mode your iPhone takes 2 photos one with a bright exposure & one with a dark exposure. Then your phone will merge them together to make one HDR photo. In other words a good quality photo.

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After you take your photo the screen will look like this. it says saving HDR. It will make two copys a normal version & one HDR version.

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once it has saved and you go into your camera roll or album you will see a normal image like this one...

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A HDR image will be better quality you can check by looking at the top left corner of your screen if it says HDR you are looking at the HDR copy if not your looking at the normal copy.


Step 3. Using flash

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Using a flash to aid your photos is a good way to backlight a photo. On the top left of your iPhone camera app screen are your flash settings its normally set to auto click on it to open its options.

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There are 3 settings AUTO, ON & OFF if you are shooting in daylight turn it OFF simply because you have sunlight. If its a badly lit area you can turn it ON. it all depends on the lighting you want.

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Here is an example of when not to use a flash. This was taken in daylight with the flash on it has created i dark area around the subject creating a bad photo image.

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This is the same image but this time i turned the flash off which makes this photo with out a flash looks better in may ways it has no harsh lighting no dark areas & overall clearer.

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In addition to the first example this photo has been taken trough glass with the flash left on. It has created a harsh light from the flash at to top. Making the photo unclear and distorted.

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the same photo without a flash and look at the difference. No distortion at all its crisp & clean. And all you had to do was turn OFF the flash.

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And finally a chance to use your flash. This was taken with out a flash in an area with poor lighting. As you can see dark dull and difficult to see.

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Now introduce your flash. Amazing you can see exactly what your looking at clear & detailed. But always remember that its up to you how you use your flash as it depends on the effect you want.


Step 4. Editing

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Ok finally i am going to use all the techniques i have show you to create a good photo. So i have used the rules of 3rds for this photo of my dog and focus techniqes but its still not that good. Why?

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This is because i have not edited it yet. Its messy around the edges and the coulors are abit dull. This it where the editing menu comes in handy you dont evan have to buy any more apps to do it.

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Lets get started. From you camera roll or album find the photo you wish to edit in this case my dog. Ok select the HDR version thats the one with the little HDR icon in the top left of your screen.

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On the other side of you screen top right there is a button titled edit just click on it.

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Now you are on the edit menu. At the bottom you have the following options: rotate, auto enhance, red eye remover & crop. The first one is rotate it allows you to move you image 90 degrees per click.

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We are going to be using the Auto enhance button (wand) to automatically improve your photos appearance. Its so easy to do just click the auto enhance button & watch your iPhone do all the work.

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There you go it adjusts all the settings for you. In some cases you may not see much difference this is because you have done a good job taking the photo and it does not need many adjustment.

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Also if you are not happy with the adjustments click the button again and it will restore the original image for you once again its up to you what effect you are looking for.

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3rd option is red eye removal useful if your subject's are in a photo and you use a flash they sometimes get a red eye effect. Click the button and tap over each eye that is red. Not used our photo.

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Last but not least the crop tool its great for cleaning up photos and cutting out unwanted clutter from your photos. I recommend it for all types of photo. Click the crop button to get this screen up.

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Drag your finger on each corner of the box to cut out unwanted areas. All that is within the highlighted box is kept. Once you are happy with the crop click the yellow crop button in the top right.

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That is all the basics of iPhone photography covered. Well done and thanks for reading how to make your iPhone 4/4s photos look better subscribe comment and follow me.


All images used are for illustration purposes only. If you want us to write a guide for you please just ask. Thanks.

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