How to Make Your Dish Soap Last Longer

Have kids or a husband that uses way too much soap to do the dishes? Here is a money saving solution!

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I used an empty foaming soap pump I already had and put a little dawn in the bottom. I would suggest 3 or 4 tablespoons of soap. You can adjust this if you want it more soapy or less.

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Fill the rest with water. Leave room for the large pump. You also want a little air space because it is easier to mix the soap in. Put the lid back on tight and give a little shake.

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The pump is what makes it foam up. So you can put this pump on any container it will fit. Even punch a hole in a mason jar lid and glue the pump in place for a nice country look in your kitchen.

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After its all mixed in you are ready to go. Diluting my soap like this makes 1 big bottle last me 4-6 months. We were going through 1 big bottle a month. MONEY SAVER!

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Nice thick soapy foam for clean dishes and saves money! Makes mommy very happy.

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