How to Make Vanilla and Coconut Popcorn #Healthyeating

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A healthier version of popcorn. Great for a treat when on the go or watching a film. For nutritional information the recipe is on My Fitness Pal 'Vanilla and Coconut Popcorn Sarah's Kitchen Diary'.

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Take a microwaveable bowl or a pan and add 1 tbsp of popping corn, half a teaspoon of coconut oil and some vanilla extract (I use Ndali's vanilla powder)

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Coconut oil tends to be solid at room temperature. This doesn't matter but if you are bothered just heat it slightly in the pan or microwave first. You can leave it out entirely to reduce the fat

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Cover the bowl with cling film or the pan with the lid and heat on a high heat. You'll start to hear the corns popping. Once the popping slows down. Take the bowl/pan off the heat

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You'll be left with fluffy coconut vanilla popcorn. If you want a stronger taste use more vanilla and add some shaved or desiccated unsweetened coconut


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