How to Make Surimi Sushi Rolls

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Gather all your ingredients.

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Put your nori (glossy side up) on top of your roling mat.

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As you can see, i cover my rolling mat with saran wrap. It's just easier to clean after. No rolling mat, saran wrap & still craving for a roll? Get a magazine inside a plastic bag and you're good!

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Get your hands wet, put some salt on them, and grab a ball of rice the side of your fist. Extend it over the nori and leave a small area on top without any rice (you'll put your ingredients here...).

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Put your fillings neatly on the side without rice.

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Start rolling!! Try to make it as tight as possible to make it easier to cut.


You can use several different filling, such as shrimp, masago, salmon, tuna, you name it... It's always fun to experiment different mixes.


If you want the rice to be on the outside of the roll, do the following procedure ;)

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Spread your rice as in step 4. Lift your nori and turn it around. Be careful not to rip it apart!

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Put your ingredients as shown in the video.

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Roll away!

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This is how it ends!


To cut it, make sure you use a very sharp knife. Dip the knife in water to avoid the rice to stick to it.

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Voila! I've used the tampico paste for topping in the right roll. You can also look for that recipe on my profile ;)


I hope you liked it! Let me know what ingredients do you like the best! Next time i'll make a guide for a baked roll with shrimp chipotle cheese topping. Maybe even one with mango! See you soon!


Don't know how to cook sushi rice? You're in luck. I have a guide for that! Look for it in my profile :)

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