How to Make Smoked Chicken

This requires prep the day before you want to cook, and about 3-4 hours of cooking time.

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Prepare your chicken the night before you want to smoke them.

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Apply a coat of yellow mustard to both sides of the chicken quarters. This isn't for flavor and you won't taste it when it's finished cooking. It's told hold the rub on to the chicken.

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Apply your favorite rub recipe to both sides. There are great store-bought rubs or you can make your own.

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Wrap your chicken in plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator over night.


While your getting your smoker ready, take the chicken quarters out of the refrigerator and let them sit until they are room temperature.

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I'm using an offset firebox on my smoker. Once the charcoal is ready, place hickory wood blocks off to one side. This will help slow smoke the chicken preventing them from being too smoky and bitter.

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You will need to adjust the vents on your smoker or grill until the temp is between 240 and 250 degrees.


IMPORTANT: Keep the lid of your smoker closed as much as possible! If you're looking, you're not cooking.

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Every hour I spray the chicken with a mixture of Sprite, apple juice and water. I use a plant sprayer to make this quick and easy. The sugars in the Sprite and juice help seal in the natural flavor.

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Put the chicken in the smoker. You will want to slow smoke the chicken until the internal chicken temperature reaches 167 degrees.

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Apply your favorite barbecue sauce and serve with your favorite sides.

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