How to Make Shower Curtain Weights That Work!

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I have a claw foot tub, with a shower kit. It's great! But- the shower curtain always sucks in on you while you shower. Obviously this is not okay, and off went my brain to find a solution...

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I used 1 3/8" alligator clips from Radio Shack, 3/4 oz bass weights from Wal Mart (as much as I can't stand the place I knew I'd seen them there), and the Plasti Dip was available at Home Depot.

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Side note: Home Depot only carries black Plasti Dip which was the color I wanted. More colors are available at

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First you'll need to separate your alligator clip from its insulator.

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Then thread your wire through the insulator, and through the hole at the base of the clip.

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Next you'll want to tightly wrap the wire around itself to hold it in place at the base of the clip.

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This step's easy. Just slide the insulator over the wrapped wire and back over the clip.

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You'll want a total length of 7 to 8 inches between the tip of the clip and the base of your bass weight by the time you've wrapped the wire through the loop at the top of the weight.

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Now it's time to wrap the wire around itself at the loop at the top of your bass weight similarly to how you wrapped it at the top near the clip.

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Here's the fun part. Slowly dip your completed shower curtain weight into your can of Plasti Dip. Be sure to stir the dip first. You're going to want to dip and remove at about 1 inch per 5 seconds.

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You'll want to hang your shower curtain weights to dry. Place a rag or newspaper underneath to catch any potential drips. Allow 30 min. between dipping if you feel a second coat is necessary.

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Now clip so that the weight hangs on the outside of the bathtub and you're done!

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