How to Make Sangria Slushies

Cool off and wind down with a refreshingly easy recipe for fruity sangria slushies.

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First, round up your ingredients. Use fresh fruit juice or equivalent of bottled orange/lemon juice. As for the wine, use drier reds like tempranillo, rioja and malbec but any wine will do.

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Squeeze the juice from lemons + oranges through a strainer into a shallow casserole dish. Add the sugar + stir vigorously until the sugar is dissolved.

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Pour in the wine and water, stirring again to combine.

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Place the dish, uncovered, in the freezer overnight. The next day, remove the dish from the freezer and scrape with a fork the surface of the wine mixture to create a slush-y consistency.

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Scoop the slush into serving glasses, then garnish with more chopped fresh fruit for a pretty presentation. Then sit back and get to sippin’!

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