How to Make Potato Latkes

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Get a sack of potatoes.

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Peel the potatoes.

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Submerse the potatoes in cold water with a little bit of lemon juice until ready to shred them. A bucket or large bowl works great. As you can see in the picture I use homemade lemon ice cubes.

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Peel the skins off the onions and cut of the tops and bottoms.

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Cut the onions into quarter sections so that they will fit in a Cuisinart. Set them aside.

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If your potatoes are too big to fit in your Cuisinart you'll also need to quarter them too. You'll want to grate them immediately so they don't turn reddish color.

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Put the potatoes and onions in the Cuisinart. Use the grater attachment.

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Thoroughly mix in lemon juice to your potato mixture so that the potatoes don't turn red.

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Crack two eggs in a small bowl.

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Whisk eggs with a fork.

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Add flour and eggs to your latke mixture.

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Season with salt and pepper.

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Thoroughly mix the egg, flour, potatoes and onions. It's easiest to dive in and use your hands.

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Squeeze the potato and onion mixture into small hamburger patty sized latkes. Set aside so they are ready for frying.

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Fill your frying pan with about 1 to 1.5 inches of vegetable oil. Then heat the oil to approximately 365 degrees. Be careful not to over heat your oil.

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If you have a fan over your stove this is a good time to turn it on.

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Add your latkes when the oil has reached 365 degrees. I sprinkle a tiny amount of water on the oil and look for a small reaction. You can try putting in a small latke and if it gets brown it's ready.

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When the oil is ready carefully add the latkes.

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Carefully flip them over when they are a nice golden color on the bottom. Then continue to cook until the other side is golden.

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When the latkes are golden brown on both sides carefully remove them from the oil and put them on a baking sheet lined with paper towels.

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Let the oil drain briefly.

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While they're still warm season with salt.

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If you're not serving the latkes immediately you can rest them on their side in a pan with paper towels underneath. This will keep them crisp. Don't stack and don't refrigerate!

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Latkes are generally served with sour cream and apple sauce. They taste best fresh out of the frying pan so enjoy them as soon as possible.

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