How to Make Planters From Ice Tea Cans

We made upcycled can planters from empty BOS Ice Tea cans. We thought the beautiful cans would make for awesome kitchen herb planters. Learn how we safely removed the top of the cans to do so.

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Assemble the cans you want to use for this upcycle. We chose one of each flavour of BOS ice tea. Remove the tabs of the can by wiggling them back and forth.

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Separate the top from the body of the can by rubbing the top lip against sand paper. Sanding tip: Use long strokes and rotate the can around as you go. This will allow the full seal to be broken.

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Check that the full seam is separated. Spot sand the areas that need a bit more work.

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Now you want to remove the top of the can from the body. Use a bit of force to break these pieces apart. You could use a hammer or a rock and a stick.

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Your can should now look like this.

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Sand the inside rim of the can for a smooth finish on the top of your planter. Poke holes in the bottom of your can for drainage. Use a drill, or a hammer and a nail.

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Fill your new upcycled can planters with potting soil.

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Plant your plants and watch them grow! Check out some more upcycles on our site

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