How to Make Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares

An Old Skool Recipe I've learned from my Mom. So easy. I've tweaked it and have added a crunch and a little chocolate, because "Why Not?!?!" Great to bring to parties. Always a hit! Super Decadent.

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As you feel more comfortable with this recipe, you will not need to use the exact measurements. This dessert will taste delicious regardless of how much of each ingredient you use.

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Melt peanut butter, butterscotch chippits and butter together in a sauce pan on medium heat until everything is completely smooth and mixed together.

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Once the mixture has cooled to luke warm, add Rice Krispies.

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Stir in Rice Krispies and make sure it is mixed evenly.

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When even cooler than luke warm, mix in marshmallows. You DO NOT want these to melt into the mixture.

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Evenly mix the marshmallows in and make sure they are coated well.

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Grease glass pan with butter and then pour all of the mixture into the pan.

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Now take the filled pan and place in refrigerator to cool until hard.

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Get a couple hand fulls of chocolate chips and just a bit of whipping cream to melt in a pot...

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Melt together over low heat until smooth.

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Drizzle melted chocolate all over hardened marshmallow mixture. Put back in refridgerator to cool.

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Once cooled completely, cut into squares and enjoy!!

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