How to Make No-Mess Hotdog Treats for Your Dog

Dogs love hot dogs but they can be a mess to carry around. Here is an easy way to reduce the mess.

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Grab a hot dog. I keep a few in my freezer and defrost them when I need one - they last forever.

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Slice the hot dog up into discs, each a little thicker than a nickel.

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Put a paper towel on a plate and arrange the slices like so. Make sure they are not touching each other or they'll stick together.

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Cover with another paper towel and put in the microwave. The idea here is to dry them out by cooking them for a bit. The amount of cooking time depends on your oven, I nuke mine for two minutes.

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This is after one minute. Still a little moist, needs more time.

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This is after two minutes - looks good!

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Now cut up each slice into bite size pieces. Kitchen scissors work great for this. I cut each slice into four to six pieces.

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And that's it! The result should be cleaner to handle than uncooked hot dogs and your pooch will still love them.

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