How to Make My White Chocolate and Cream Cheese Icing <3

It's insanely bitching.

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Cream the butter and cream cheese together on medium speed in a big bowl, for about 4 mins.

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Melt the chocolate using the same method I used with the cupcakes. I used cookie and cream white chocolate here, because I thought it'd make a nice contrast, but use any kind of chocolate you want.

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Add the chocolate to the cream cheese mixture, and try to resist burying your head in it and eating it all.

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Add the icing sugar and beat it through. If the mixture is not thick enough, add a bit more icing sugar until you get the required consistency.

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I macgyvered a piping bag out of a sandwich bag, and piped on some icing. Enjoy! :3


250 Grams Cream cheese
180 Grams White chocolate (cookie and cream is awesome)
½ Cups Butter
1 Cup Icing sugar
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