How to Make Mussels in White Wine and Garlic Butter Sauce

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These are the ingredients :) ask your fish monger for some extra knobs of garlic butter

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Peel and chop the shallot in half

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And cut into tiny cubes, they sautee alot better when they are smaller

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Put the live mussels in a large bowl, some may be open, if so gently press them together, if they close, they are keepers, if not discard them! Same if any of the shells are broken!

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Rinse them in cold water

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After washing, you may notice some with gristle on them and some that are broken, separate these and then get rid of them

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Put the chopped shallot in a large pan, with a knob of garlic butter and splash of oil and the juice from half a lemon

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I've added an extra touch, a white wine, garlic and parsley paste! This is available from any supermarket and is stored in a glass jar, these pastes can be mixed with creams!

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Once sautéed, add the mussels to the pan, with some creme freche and a large glass of white wine

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Put the lid and shake the pan! It may not look great at this moment in time but that's because the creme freche has not yet heated and worked its magic with the other ingredients

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Put the lid on for a further 5 minutes and then have a quick look!

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Keep shaking the pan so the sauce is steaming nicely inside the pan and the mussels are absorbing all those lovely flavours! The mussels should be ready within 10-15 on a medium heat!

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Serve with chunky chips and garlic ciabatta to dip into the sauce!

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Make sure you pour some of that sauce over the mussels in your bowl!

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And we're done :) mussels in a shallot, white wine and garlic butter sauce!

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