How to Make Mangonadas

Mangonadas are a Mexican, refreshing, frozen treat you an make in no time.

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Gather all your ingredients. I am using chili powder since I did not have chamoy sauce available.

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Put the mangoes, sugar, and water in the blender.

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Blend for about 10secs

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The mixture should have a pulpy texture. If it is too chunky or thick add a little bit more water.

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Put the chili powder or chamoy sauce at the bottom of every cup. The amount that you put on it is totally up to you.

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Pour the mixture into about 3/4 of the cup.

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Add more chili to the top if desired .

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Place the cups into the freezer. I like to put them in a dish so they won't move around in the freezer.

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About 1hr later take them out and make sure they have started to freeze. If they have, put the popsicle sticks in the middle of each. If not put them back and keep checking about every 30min.

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Once they are fully frozen you should be able to take them right out like this using the popsicle stick. If it's too frozen just leave it outside for a bit.

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And this is your end product! You can dip the popsicle right back in the cup to get that spicy chili mixture in every bite. Hope you enjoy!

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