How to Make Lip Balm With Essential Oils

Essential Oil lip balm Tutorial all products used are natural & organic. Mountain Rose Herbs Carrier oils, beeswax, with Elizabeth Van Buren essential oils and local natural honey also used for blend.

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Add water to pot & insert uncovered measuring cup for ingredient blending. *Do not cover; place weighted butter knife atop cup to avoid tipping if needed. Add ingredients & allow to melt & blend.


Check consistency regularly while mixing blend with spoon and allowing to harden (on spoon). Add liquids as needed to create desired consistency.

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Once completely blended turn off burner. While in liquid form add essential oils. For this blend I added lemon. Leave measuring cup in water to keep in liquid form until used.

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1 1/2 cup melted blend required 40 small jars. Have containers ready. Pour blend into each & secure lid immediately to avoid contamination.

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Spilling is normal if pouring directly from mixing cup so make sure you have wax paper or a cloth protecting the surface.

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Wipe outside of containers to get rid of overflow. You can leave out or refrigerate for 1 min or so to harden. ENJOY!


¼ Beeswax
½ Cups Almond oil
2 Teaspoons Honey
2 Organic Essential oils of choice
3 Bunches Containers w/ lids
½ Teaspoons Vitamin e oil
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