How to Make LED O Ring Lighting for Phone Photography

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Ever dream camera phone can use O ring led lighting for macro photography like a profesional camera ? Now I'll try to make it happen

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First, prepare LED light, count of led deppending of ring size will we make it. I use 22pcs LED light for O ring with diameter of 3cm

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Stacking LED in pararel, use double tape to help glue and sparate the two wires on each LED. Add cable as photo above,and make sure LED in same position and all conecting with cable on both sides

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LED in a circular shape, strengthen the outside using plastic steel glue, then add cable to connect to battre power

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This after setup, LED O ring connect with battere using cable, we can attached macro lens add glue this with double tape, or we can use this without marco lens, use normal photo only

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LED light turn on in dark room

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Sample photo using macro lens inside O ring LED lighting

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We can minimize shadow of object, soo we can get more detail photo. If we have more avaliable light, phone camera will automaticly choise low ISO and can reduce noise as well as

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Others photo sampel using macro lens from old analog camera lens


23 LED
50 Centimeters Cable
1 Plastic steel glue
1 AA battery holder
2 Centimeters AA battery
1 Double tape
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