How to Make Homemade Mexican-Style Salsa

Sure, depending where you live, you can probably buy this at the local grocery store. But there's nothing like fresh homemade salsa! Taste it and you'll see!

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Gather your ingredients. You can make this by throwing everything into a food processor or you can do it by hand, with a good knife. I use both methods but today I'm in a chopping mood.

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Wash your tomatoes. I just bought these today from my neighborhood farmers' market. Mmmmm....

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Chop them into bite-sized chunks but not too small.

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Chop up your onion. You can use yellow, white, or like I did today, purple.

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Cut the stems off a bunch of cilantro....

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… And rinse it well. I got this today at the farmers' market as well. Nothing like fresh!

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Chop it up!

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Next we're going to add jalapeño peppers. If you don't like heat you don't have to use these. You can also just use green peppers as well. Or both.

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If you do use jalapeño peppers, remove the membrane and the seeds.

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And chop the jalapeños into tiny pieces. Important: do not touch your eyes with your fingers that have been touching the jalapeños! Be sure to wash your hands right away with soap and water.

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Cut one lime in half...

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And squeeze both halves into the salsa mixture.

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It's looking delicious! And you could stop now because it is ready to serve. But...

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I am going to also add one chopped avocado. My friend Mariano showed me this and it makes the salsa even more delicious!

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Chop the avocado into bite-size pieces, about the same size as the tomato pieces.

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Add salt and pepper and stir gently.

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Sprinkle in some garlic powder. You could also use finely chopped garlic.

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Now, using a tortilla chip from my other guide (on how to make homemade tortilla chips) dip into the salsa and taste test. Oh that's good! (Sorry this picture is out of focus.)

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So there you have it - delicious homemade salsa!! You may never eat salsa from a jar or plastic tub again! And remember try my guide for homemade tortilla chips to pair with this salsa. Yum!

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