How to Make Homemade BB Cream

What is BB cream? It's one of the most sought after beauty product in Asia because it has 5 essential purpose all in one application. It's a must have to all moms or on the go woman out there.

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Smashbox BB cream with SPF-35 vS Homemade BB cream with SPF -55.

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Main ingredients of a $39 BB cream vs my own. You probably have most if not all your ingredients already. Time to make your own. Are you ready? Let's get started.

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Empty pot. I got this from CVS within a traveling pouch with other pots.

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Mixing bowl. I got this from Sephora. I use this to mix my beauty products.

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This is my favorite cream foundation from Kanebo. You can use your favorite cream foundation.

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This is my MAC Lustre. This is used for making your skin glow as if you are laying out. If your result is not glowy enough add 2 drops at a time of the lustre until desired results are achieved.

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Mixer- I use this to mix all ingredients .

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This is from the back of my sunscreen so you can see that the main ingredients of smashbox's is similar or close to this sunscreen.

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I used this bec. It's hypoallergenic. And since this is water resistant, your BB cream will also be water resistant. And this provides protection from the sun both UVB and UVA sun rays.

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My moisturizer. Please use a more creamy ones to hydrate your skin.

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Please use a liquid concealer instead of the cream. It mixes well with all the other ingredients.

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This is my setting spray from Shiseido. You can use any other setting spray.

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This is necessary ( measuring spoon) to help measure your ingredients.

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Squeeze 1 tsp of your sunscreen and add it to your mixing bowl.

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Make sure that your paper towel and your mixer are ready.

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Use your mixer or in this case my brush to put 1 tsp of moisturizer.

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Then squeeze 1/4 tsp of your liquid concealer then add it to your mixing bowl.

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Squeeze 1/4 tsp of your MAC lustre and add it to your mixing bowl. Clean your spoon everytime you add another ingredients so you get the exact measurements.

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Add 1/2 tsp of your cream foundation to the mixing bowl.

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Add 1/2 tsp of your setting spray to the mixing bowl.

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Then mix it with your mixer or in my case brush counter clockwise.

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Then voilah! Your very own Bb cream. Why it's better than your regular foundation? It protects from sunburn, moisturize your skin, conceal your imperfections, cover, and set everything all @ once.


1 Teaspoon Moisturizer
1 Teaspoon Sunscreen
¼ Teaspoons Mac lustre
¼ Teaspoons Liquid concealer
½ Teaspoons Liquid foundation
½ Teaspoons Setting spray
Paper towel
Beauty bowl
Measuring spoon
Small empty pot
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