How to Make Healthy Protein Pancakes

Healthy alternative to your usual pancakes! Provides lots of nutrients to get you through a long day! It helps to curb your appetite and is the ideal breakfast for a on- the-go or a healthy lifestyle!

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This recipe was provided by the perfect fit protein mix but I wanted to share because I think this is a great recipe for any type of protein mix! (Ps. I am not sponsored by this company in any way!)

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Here's a close up of the protein mix I used. It's brown rice and I love how it curbs my appetite and gives me energy throughout the day!

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First mash up half of your banana in a bowl. Beat egg whites in another bowl and add to your mixture.

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Then mix in your milk, cinnamon and one packet of protein mix. (just to give you an idea, the packet I used was almost a half cup in measurement.) You are free to add blueberries here if you like!

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Add a little drizzle of oil and pour your batter!

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Flip! Mmm look at that pretty pancake :)

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This recipe made 2 pancakes, which is the perfect amount for me! Let's dress it up now :)

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Instead of syrup or butter, I like using yogurt! So here I used strawberry yogurt as my spread and the remaining half of the banana to top it all off!

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Mmm mmmm good! Very delicious and leaves you feeling satisfied, healthy, and ready to take on your day!! I hope you enjoy :))


3 Egg whites
½ Cups Protein mix
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Banana
½ Tablespoons Almond milk
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