How to Make Guinea Pig Food From Veggie Juice Pulp

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Wash the kale and insert some into juicer. Piggies can have all the kale they want.

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Wash the carrots and stick one in with the kale. Since kale is so leafy the carrot will help it get juiced. Piggies can have all the carrots the want.

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Add in some dandelion leaves but make sure to put in a carrot to help it juice. Dandelion leaves are a piggie treat so use less than the amount of kale or carrots.

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Slice and core one apple. Use the slices to help some more kale get juiced. The is also a treat for piggies and the sugar amount means you need to limit the amount given.

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Cut cucumber in half and put it in the juicer. This can also be used to help the leafy contents juice easier. Use only one cucumber since it has a lot of water.

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Put the pulp from the juicer into a food container. Most of it will get stored for usage over the next days.

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Put some of the pulp in your piggie's food bowl.

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Drink your juice.

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Watch your piggie go to town on their food! (guinea pig: Baby)


Optional: Romaine lettuce, turnip greens, guava, mango.

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