How to Make Grilled Mexican Street Corn

This grilled corn recipe is simple, easy, looks cool on your plate & tastes amazing! Very popular at our house.

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I used foil-wrapped corn in coals in the example but this recipe can work on gas as well. I mention an alternate method (husks on - my preference) that works well for both gas & charcoal grills.

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Shuck the corn then wrap each ear individually in foil. * Normally, when I grill foil-wrapped corn in the coals I put butter or olive oil, but not in this recipe - it still turned out great.

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OR, you could peel back the husks, remove the silks leaving the husks attached, wash, put husks back over corn & soak in water for 1 hr. This allows grilling above the fire without too much char.

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They're cooking! Live fire (in this case with hardwood lump charcoal) is a great way to cook - you can use the coal area as well as the grill grate to cook!

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Approx 20-30 mins later they're ready! * time will vary based on heat level and proximity to coals.

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Time to gather the simple ingredients that will have your family and/or guests talking about how great the corn WAS!

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You can buy cojita cheese at a Hispanic market or just use a somewhat comparable Parmesan.

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Slather on some mayo..

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Then add either the cojita or Parmesan cheese..

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Next zest some lime over the corn..

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Finally, add a dusting of cayenne pepper. I like to use the remnants of the zested lime to squeeze some lime juice on the corn.

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Enjoy!! Nice heat that is mellowed by the mayo, lime & cheese! TIP: if you take a bit of extra time to grill with husks on it looks even better on the plate!


4 Corn on the cob
4 Teaspoons Mayonnaise
4 Tablespoons Cojita or Parmesan cheese
1 Lime
2 Pinches Cayenne pepper
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