How to Make Gluten Free Zucchini Bread That Doesn't Suck

I've been tweaking some gluten free recipes and I'm pretty happy with this one. Suffer no more my little gluties! Unlike a lot of GF cooking, this actually tastes like a normal treat normal ppl eat

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Preheat oven to 325.

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Measure out 3 cups of brown rice flour, or any other alternative flour. I love this one. And bulk barn.

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Grate up 2 cups of zucchini. Don't purée it - you need the stringy consistency. And don't grate by hand!! - unless you want carpal tunnel and feel like grating zucchini until next Tuesday haha

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Add 1 tsp of salt

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My gluten free baking soda! Cost an arm and a leg, but totally worth it

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Add 1 tsp of baking soda

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My gluten free xanthan gum. Even more expensive... But probably the most essential item for gluten free cooking. It helps make GF baking seem completely normal - moist and fluffy. Awesome stuff.

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Add 3 tsps of xanthan gum

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Magic indeed...

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Add 1 tsp of baking powder

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Add 3 tsps of cinnamon

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Usually I use 2 cups of BROWN sugar. But I fell short this time and had to use refined white sugar for most of the measure. Boo.

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all the dry ingredients together

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Yeah I went there. Artificial AND no name. Part of having yet to plant my money tree in the backyard. Maybe next year.

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Add 3 tsps of vanilla extract to the grated zucchini

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Crack 3 eggs and whip them with a fork

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Add them to the other wet ingredients

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Should look something like this

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Add your wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly...

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At this point I was perplexed. Why is it so dry? Then I realized - OH YEAH, im the idiot cooking at 11pm, I'm exhausted and forgot to add the 1 cup of vegetable oil. Riiiiight. In goes the oil...

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That's more like it.

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Add in 1 cup of walnuts and fold them into the batter.

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Pretty yummy looking for raw batter. And it smells amazing.

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Butter your cooking pans. I rocked two different sizes.. Don't always get multiples of the same thing at goodwill...

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I tried to divvy up the batter evenly in the different pans so that they'd cook at the same rate...

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In they go. Bake for 40-60 mins. But this cooking time depends completely on the strength of your oven. I usually do a knife test at the 30 min mark and end up taking them out after 45.

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I really want to make sure the bread is moist, fluffy and not overcooked, so I always do a knife test. Some people like their breads a bit drier - so it's your call as to how long you bake it for.

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Fresh out of the oven and smells righteous.

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Looks good to me! Looks a bit flat, but that's because I put a little less batter in this bigger pan so that it baked at the same rate as the smaller one. trust me - it's fluffy, moist and delish. YUM

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