How to Make Fried Banana Pudding🍧

A light random banana desert recipe🍧🍰

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The supplies, brand doesnt matter...Banana can be ripeness of your choice. The milk is optional. I didn't use it for this...

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Begin by melting the butter and olive oil in the frying pan on medium heat.

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As butter and oil are cooking slice banana half into slices of your desired thickness

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when butter is mostly melted add bananas and cream cheese...

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This is the frying process fry until all blended together, you can be creative and do your own....there will be lefover grease so just scoop banana mixture out onto plate or into a bowl

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This is the final product when done😊. You can add whipcream, cool whip, other fruit,🍓 &/or feta cheese to it as garnish or to add taste. Ive tried it various ways and have liked it.


½ Tablespoons banana
2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 Teaspoon butter
1 Tablespoon Kraft Philly indulgence white choc
1 Small frying pan
1 Tablespoon Whole or 2% milk (optional)
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