How to Make Fava Bean Purée

Fava bean purée is a creamy, delicious spread. I think it's perfect for dipping vegetables and pita, adding to a sandwich or enjoying as a side.

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Soak your Fava beans overnight in cold water making sure the water is covering the beans by at least 1.5 to 2 inches.

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After soaking for at least 6 hours cook the beans. Most people believe you should drain the water you soaked your beans in but recent evidence indicates it's unnecessary to change the water.

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I like to add one postage sized piece of kombu for every cup of beans. This is supposed to make it easier to digest the beans.

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Rinse and drain your favas and remove the kombu. Since I knew I'd be puréeing the beans I wasn't vigilant about checking them and they got overlooked. Don't worry it's just fine for this recipe!

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Add the Favas to a Cuisinart or a high powered blender like a Vitamix.

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Add your garlic to the favas.

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Add about 1/4 cup olive oil to the favas.

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Add salt to taste!

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Blend all your ingredients until nice and smooth. You might consider adding water to thin it out. And, you could also add a dash of lemon juice if you like.

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You can serve this delicious purée as a side and dip pita or vegetables in it or try spreading it on a favorite sandwich. Enjoy!

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