How to Make Fast & Easy Tiny Origami Rose (Strip Folding)

These are made w/ strips of paper like those used for lucky stars (puffy stars). They're super addicting to make! Adapted from tadashimori's YouTube video.

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I'm using a paper strip that's used for lucky stars. I end up using two, so my strip is approx 30 cm long & not quite 1 cm wide. If you have paper like mine, hold 2 back to back for solid color rose.

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Fold corner down like so. This will be your handle to pinch & hold onto while making first few rounds of rose. You can start on color side or white side, it doesn't matter.

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Now you'll fold the strip up. The crease will be right along that line I'm pointing to.

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Like this. Now turn it over...(oh and somebody might wanna repaint their nails someday)...

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Like this.

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Bend the strip back now. You'll be folding the tip of that white triangle back with it. I should say now that there really isn't an exact science to this; just fold back & turn, fold back & turn.

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We just folded it back, so now I've turned it. Maybe "rolled it" would be better wording. I forgot to take a picture, but I pinch that handle when working on beginning of rise.

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Fold back.

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Roll it.

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Fold back.

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Roll it. And keep going a few more times...

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Until its about this big. We're just gonna change the way we hold it now...

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And you can glue on that second strip now.

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Hold it upside down w/ your thumb on the top part of the rose & your index finger holding the bottom. This will keep your rose from getting all wonky as you fold back & roll.

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This is how I hold it, using my other thumb to fold back.

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And here's the bit of a pinch I do on the rose while rolling it.

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The only thing to really watch for is that the petals are spread apart & not on top of each other. See the white & purple points above. It just makes it look better.

Image for Step 18

When you can't fold back & roll anymore, try to fold back one more time so we can tuck it...

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This is the underneath. You can see there's places to slide your end piece under. I also add a bit of glue to be extra secure.

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Here's my end piece sliding under. It's the purple piece.

Image for Step 21

Here it is glued & tucked away.

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The handle controls the height or how tight your rose is. In this picture it is loose. Don't let your rose spiral fall off that handle!

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Here it is nice & tight. That's what...oops nevermind.

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All done. So cute & tiny. You'll be surprised by how quick they are to make! You can glue your handle down on the back to keep it from falling apart or glue a bunch together for bouquet!

Image for Step 25

Tiny little fella setting on a penny. You can use your fingernail to try to round the petals back a bit for more realistic rose. I didn't do that to mine, though.

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The one on the left is made from one strip. I used 1 cm wide paper for these. And they glow in the dark! Woohoo!

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What are you going to do with yours?


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