How to Make Easy Green Bean Salad

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My supplies gathered. I don't use any specific measurements for this. Just whatever you think will feed everyone. I'm making this for 25 people, I used 4 cans of green beans.

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Drain your green beans as much as you can, otherwise you'll have watery mayo which is gross.

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You can use regular green beans or French cut. After you drain all you beans add the mayo, don't stir it just yet.

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To add a bit extra for the potluck tonight I'm adding just a small amount of ranch dressing. You can also experiment with different spices aswell, or even hard boiled eggs.

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I only used half an onion since this one is very strong. Like smell it and your eyes water from the other room strong.

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Chop finely.

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Throw it all in together and then stir, if you feel like you need more mayo or anything add some more. But you don't want the mayo to overwhelm the green beans.

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After stiring, cover and place in fridge for roughly an hour before serving. Even kids tend to like it. Great for family dinners and holidays, especially if someone doesn't like green bean casserole.

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