How to Make Dried Meyer Lemon Rounds

Dehydrating is a great way to preserve the floral, sweet taste of Meyer Lemons. This can be done right in the oven (no fancy dehydrator needed). I use the dried rounds to flavor water and tea.

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Use organic fruit, as you won't be cutting off the peel. You don't need to use Meyer lemons -- any citrus will do. I love the taste of Meyers, and want to use them before they are gone for the season!

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Pre-heat your oven to its lowest possible setting. For me, it is 170. If you have a convection setting, use it! I find that the convection setting dries out the fruit more evenly and a bit faster.

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All you need for this recipe is a sharp knife, some parchment paper, and a couple baking sheets. Oh, and don't forget the fresh Meyer lemons!

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Scrub the lemons clean, especially if you are using ones from the supermarket, which may have a wax coating. I am using backyard lemons, so I just gave them a good rinse.

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Dry the lemons thoroughly.

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Using a sharp knife, cut off the ends, and discard.

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Slice as thinly as possible. Try to keep the width of the slices as uniform as possible. Lay out on the baking sheets covered in parchment paper.

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Place in the pre-heated oven. Cook until they are totally dried out, but still pliable. All in all, it took mine about 4 hours.

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I flipped them over every hour or so, so that they would dehydrate evenly. They are not done until there is absolutely no moisture left, otherwise they might mold or spoil.

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When they are finished, turn off the oven, and let sit overnight.

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You will notice that the color turns a little bit darker after they have dried.

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The next day, remove from the oven, and store in an airtight container.

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