How to Make Crispy Fresh Tacos Using Flour Tortillas

My Mexican brother-in-law taught me back in the '70's how to make Tacos MUCH TASTIER than using those hard crunchy shells found in stores. Super easy & quick! Use whatever fillings you prefer. I

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I like the soft white flour tortillas. My husband likes the wheat ones. I think the white fry up more flakey and light.

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Put less than 1/4" olive oil in fry pan.

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Brown ground beef and onion. Finely chopping as it fries. Drain grease if not lean. Add seasonings. Keep warm.

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I pre-fry a pound of ground beef, season and freeze in small baggies so I always have on hand for a quick taco. Then I microwave just enough for what I'm making

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Heat oil to medium high. Watch closely. Place gently folded tortilla into oil. In less than a minute it will lightly brown and be ready to turn.

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Turn and brown other side.

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I like the way tortillas bubble and crisp up so nice and flakey... Yet stay soft inside!

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Gently lift, keeping tortilla folded. Let excess oil drip into pan

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It only takes a couple of minutes to brown and crisp up the outsides of each tortilla

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Drain on paper towel and have warmed meat ready to spoon into taco.

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Heated meat is then spooned I to each shell. The rest is added at the table by guests as desired.

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Open JUST enough to spoon in meat but don't totally open or they'll break. . If you're making several, you can load meat and store them upright in cake pan in 250° oven.

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I shred my lettuce ahead of time and have it ready at the table.

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At the table just before eating, we spoon in shredded cheddar cheese and lettuce. You can also add diced fresh tomatoes, salsa, whatever.

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I like a lot of lettuce.

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We're wimps when it comes to spicy salsa so we're happy using "Western Dressing" (similar to French) (Note: Tortilla is soft inside and crispy brown outside. Sometimes it will open without breaking)

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These shells are SO much nicer, tastier and easier to eat than the tough extremely crunchy store-bought corn shells! Tacos are colorful and healthy meals with protein, vegetable & dairy!

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