How to Make Colored Jeans

Colored Jeans are all the RAGE this Spring and Summer. Why spend a fortune when you can make them for under $10.... Come visit me at

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Get a pair of Jeans you LOVE the fit of... Purchase Bleach, Color Remover, and Fabric Dye all from your local Dollar Store.

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Make sure your Jeans are washed and dried. Put them in your Bucket you don't mind ruining or a stainless steel sink.

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Add HOT or BOILING water to the Jeans and squish down to ensure they are all under the water. No air trapped inside the pants!

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Add your Color Remover and still constantly for 20minutes. Make sure you are keeping movement in the Bucket/Sink so that the color is removed equally.

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Next you'll probably need to bleach your Jeans as the Color Remover may not do a perfect job. Ensure you have them as colorless as possible. Wash and dry your Jeans again.

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Fill your Bucket/Sink w/ HOT water & add 2 Boxes of fabric dye. Stirring them until desired color. Pull them out 1 shade darker/brighter than you want as they will tone down after the 1st wash.

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