How to Make Churros

A classic spanish doughnut snack

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Combine the water, 1/4 cup white sugar, salt and 3 tbsp oil in a pot over medium heat

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Bring the mixture to a boil. Then REMOVE from heat.

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Add the flour.

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Mix gently until all the flour is wet. Some little blotches of dry flour is okay.

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Fill your fryer with the oil suggested in your owner's manual and start heating it up to 375F.

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Scoop a little bit of dough into your piping bag (1/3 full). Small amounts at a time will be much easier to pipe. Be careful! The dough is still warm/hot! You can let it cool for a bit if you prefer.

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Start piping! Because the dough is thick, it's easier to push your thumb outside of the bag, into the metal pipe for the dough to come out. Be careful that your bag doesn't explode or pop the pipe out

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If you don't have a pipe or want to quickly make the churros, just roll the dough into balls or logs. In my opinion, thin logs taste better than the balls because it holds the sugar better.

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Put it in the fryer and fry it to a golden brown color. Mine took about 4-6 minutes but your fryer could be different.

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Let the churros dry and cool on paper towels.

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Prepare your cinnamon sugar and roll/sprinkle it all over!! Enjoy it fresh (they go soggy the next day)! Chocolate and caramel sauce go perfect with churros!

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