How to Make Christmas Strawberry Santa Claus With Micho

Deck the halls, jingle bells, silent night are the thing of the past. We're building an army of Strawberry Santa Claus so everyone gets their prezzies on time. Thanks to My best Lara for the recipe.

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A big thanks to all our friends. We've put together a little song to celebrate with you guys. Remember to love everybody as if its Christmas everyday. With love, Michel Daher (Micho) @cookwithmicho

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All the credit goes to My fave cousin Lara. After visiting her house and gobbling up a few of her chocolates, she was kind enough to share this super easy recipe. Thanks Lara, love you!

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We're going to work a little backwards here. Remember I'm a boy, I can only do things one at a time. If I did Lara's method, I'm sure it'd be a disaster. So 250 grams of cream cheese.

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Into your mixing bowl scoop the cheese with a spoon. Don't just dump the whole block into a bowl. We are going to use a blender.

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Add 3 tablespoons of caster sugar or icing sugar and 2 tablespoons of vanilla sugar or essence. After Lara and I discussed sugar today, she recommends using caster sugar. It's up to you.

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Use your electric mixer to blend. Due to the colour of vanilla essence and cream cheese, it's going to be a cream colour not pure white like we imagine Santa to be. Nonetheless he'll still be a cutie.

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Coz I'm a cheapskate and didn't want to spend 10$ on a reusable piping bag, I got my trusty 3$ nozzles and a resealable sandwich bag. Choose your nozzle carefully. Once the cream is in the bag....

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You won't be getting that nozzle out in a hurry. Now stick this mixture back in the fridge while we work on the strawberries.

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Grab the biggest strawberries you can find. Wash and dry them on a paper towel. Small ones can go straight in your belly.

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Cut the strawberry ends like so. Take off about 0.5 cm from the top and a tiny amount from the bottom just so it will stand up straight.

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Using a pairing knife just remove a tiny bit to make a hole on the top of the strawberry. Do this on a paper towel so you don't have to clean up later Lol. Lazy aren't I?

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Keep the strawberry body and the top lid together so you don't lose Santa's matching hat. Line them all up one after the other. Get ready to play. Did you wash your hands?

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Start piping the cream cheese into the strawberries one at a time. Do all the filling first. I did it one by one and got confused. Fill all first then put the lid "hat" back on.

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Are we looking something like this?? Wow!! Aren't they adorable already... Just wait they get cuter by the minute.

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Now you can use either a matchstick or change the nozzle and bag to put his cheese buttons on. I used a matchstick ;)

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Play with your first Santa, let him ride in a shot glass, take him for a spin before you have a taste!! Lol. I couldn't resist, he was just so deliciously cute. Let's continue.

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So they should be all lined up in your production line. Get a box of matches, take out one stick. Call your Mother to bring you miracle shiny chocolate and silver balls....

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And Voila. No idea how or where she got em.. but her secret stash is amazing. I'm sorry I don't know the English name for these. Guiders, some assistance please? Edible chocolate & silver ball things

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So if you want to go all upmarket you can use a toothpick but matchsticks are thicker and easier to work with. So we're going to use the matchsticks to pick up the little balls like so..

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Pick up one ball .. I've mixed the Santas up. Some have silver buttons, some have chocolate buttons, some have brown eyes, some have sunglasses. Get your creative flare on.

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Using the matchstick, apply his/her eyes, buttons and hat bell. No evidence has confirmed if Santa is a man or woman. So we'll have to be general. From now on it's Father and Mother Christmas. Lol.

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If you get a Santa with a bunged up eye, don't try to do any surgery to remove it. I tried and made a mess with one of my Santas. Just let it be or just be more careful hahahah

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Don't you just love his sunglasses? Line them up for a final inspection and stick them in the fridge. You can still adjust their hats an buttons using the matchstick. Be careful ;)

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Give them all a ride on the glass shot glass sleigh before they go down the yummy tube. Lol.

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From my family to yours, a really big thank you again for all your comments and support. Remember, cherish your family every day not just during the holiday season. Everyday should be Christmas!

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Our prayers are with those who lost family, friends and homes in a year of devastation, let's build a generation of peace and harmony for years to come. Love, Michel Daher (Micho). Pls Share & follow.

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