How to Make Burnt Flour Baby Powder

brown flour for baby diaper rash. (disclaimer: not know to prevent or cure diseases; do not use powders unless okayed by pediatrician; or if baby has wheat allergy.) -ha :3

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Warning: open any windows or vents while browning your flour, it can get smoky; also use your sense of judgement and turn down the heat when you see smoke to avoid fire hazard. Be very careful-


while stirring as the flour is very dry and can easily fly out of your skillet and burns if it touches skin. Keep children away as it is very hot and smoky. Stay safe and please enjoy my guide :)

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Burnt flour is very dense, highly absorbent and gentle on sensitive skin. Great replacement for corn starch and talc that can contain aluminum and other artificial stuff, which is irritating to skin.

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gather your supplies :) some not shown

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Warm clean dry skillet (preferably cast iron) with no oil, on med heat for a minute or until skillet is warm. I do this so my flour will start cooking and not stick as much; it does anyway...

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Add flour to skillet and let it sit for small intervals of time to warm and then slowly stir, 10 to 20 seconds or so. we dont want it to actually burn, just brown a very dark color.

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Just starting to brown after 5 minutes or so. Gently smooth out or smash any lumps that form while you brown the flour.

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Flour is browning steadily; unused flour to show color comparison.

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I'm halfway done at about 10 to 15 minutes. You can see the flour touching the skillet is nice and brown.

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Finished at around 20-25 minutes, use your better judgement, the room was getting a bit smokey and my fire alarm beeped. Turn off stove and let it cool in skillet, unused flour again for comparison.

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Flour color comparison again, make sure to stir flour occasionally while it cools to evenly distribute the remaining heat in your skillet.

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My flour has cooled and has darkened a bit more while sitting in the skillet. Time to get our sifter and container.

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Scoop flour into sifter and sift little scoops at a time or the chunks of flour your sift will get into the flour and be rough, a little is ok though.

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Sifted out flour chunks.


When you're done you can put your flour in a plastic bag for travel or keep it in the container for at home. When you use it your baby will smell like crispy toast, apply liberally and at each change.

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