How to Make Bite-Size Holiday Candy Easily

Bite-size candies dress up your cookie plates and are easy to make, using plastic molds.

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Find a store with candy making supplies. Our local craft store, Michaels, has a large selection of candy disks in many colors, as well as molds.

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The little colored candy and chocolate disks come in bags. I find them at our craft store, Michaels, in the candy & baking section.

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Gather molds, candy disks, plastic squeeze bottles. Place disks into bottles. I have some still in bottles from previous year. Remove tiny red caps. Lie on sides in microwave.


Microwave slowly & CAREFULLY on low power for 30 second intervals, checking as you go, by squeezing to test if candy disks have melted. (I have had one bottle melt so be careful)

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Squeeze colors where desired into molds, remembering you are working designs upside down.

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I pick up and drop molds about 6" to help settle candy and eliminate bubbles. I often place in freezer for just one minute or so to speed up hardening. Don't freeze them

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I squeeze chocolate first for bulb base, then colored bulb right away before chocolate spreads too much.


Gently flex molds upside down to cause cooled hardened candies to drop out.

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After warming in microwave, keep bottles warm in covered electric frypan on lowest setting with towel lining bottom.

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Squeeze colors where desired into molds, starting with whatever color will end up on top.

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You are working from front to back, or top to bottom of each candy. The fun surprise is once you in-mold them.

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Gently flex molds upside down to cause cooled hardened candies to drop out.

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I do a combination of dropping and flexing molds. Eventually they all come out.

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Tiny bite-size candies that look nice mixed in with your cookie plate display! ...and they taste good too!

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Store at room temperature in covered container. Leftover melted colors can be stored in their respective bottles and re-melted for next time.

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