How to Make Basic Sofrito

Sofrito is a base used in Latino kitchens. Use as a marinade for meats, add to stews, soups, and beans. Every Mami has her own sofrito recipe. One adds vinegar. Another adds oil. Create your own!

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Gather fresh ingredients and wash fresh herbs. Dust off the food processor!

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Peel the garlic.

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Tear culantro leaves.

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Remove rough stem from cilantro leaves.

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Dice sweet peppers. I used 2 Italian sweet peppers this time. I usually add a red bell pepper too.

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Dice yellow onion. Seed and chop tomato and jalapeño. Keep jalapeño seeds if you want to make a spicy sofrito. I usually do not make my sofrito spicy so that I can use it on anything.

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Place all ingredients in food processor and blend (a blender works too). Add juice of one lime.

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Season sofrito with salt, pepper, dried oregano and red pepper flakes.

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Make sure sofrito is well blended; scrape down sides as needed. Pour sofrito into clean storage containers. I keep some sofrito in the refrigerator for daily use and store the rest in the freezer.

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You can also freeze sofrito in an ice cube tray which makes for easy weekday use when you can easily pop a savory cube into your sauces or stews.

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