How to Make an Origami Sakura Dish/Ornament

You can make any size. Fill & place on dinner table or hang as ornament. Adapted from Sandra M. Gobert's YouTube video.

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Pics in this guide start top left corner & go clockwise. I used five 6" squares for approx 8" dish, 1.5" deep trays. Fold in 1/2 (pic2). Fold top edge to bottom edge (pic3). Repeat on back (pic4)..

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Open so that open edges are in center (pic1). Fold top right corner down (pic2). Unfold. Fold bottom right corner up (pic3). Unfold. Open bottom flap (pic4).

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Fold top right corner down (pic1). Unfold. Pinch the crease I'm pointing at (pic2) & pull to the left (pic3). Squash it flat as shown in last picture.

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Pick up the left flap (part that u just squished) & fold to right (pic1). Fold top edge back (pic2). Fold top left corner down (pic3). Repeat w/ bottom left corner (pic4).

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Fold in 1/2 (pic1). Fold right edge over to crease I'm pointing at in pic1 (pic2). Unfold. Now fold it back on same crease (pic3). Unfold. Fold right side up using crease I'm pointing at in pic4...

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Tuck this white corner in (pic1). Open up the tray (pic2-4). Make a total of 5 units. Then connect...

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Hold units as shown in pic1. Open up pocket in pink & slide purple in. Connect them all in this manner. Joining last one to 1st is not as easy. Really open up the red one flat to slide pink one in.

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Ta-da! It's really pretty. You can fill it w/ tiny goodies...candy, nuts, paperclips, buttons, ???

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It's even pretty on the back! You can make different sizes. Use as dishes, ornaments, a topper for the tree, ???


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